Facebook running slow lately?

27 January, 2010

Got this message from my friend Bedz. Patutla lately my facebook acc mmg slow macam siput sampai tahap malas nak bukak.

  1. Go to SETTING (located at blue area on top. Next to your name)
  2. Select APPLICATION SETTINGS (there are 2 more settings there. Account settings and privacy settings)
  3. There you will find SHOW drop-down box
  4. Click on ADDED TO PROFILE
  5. if you see UN-NAMED APP delete it. It's an internal spyboat

* Banyak betul request on Farmville, Barn Buddy, Happy Aquarium. Mintak maaf lambat approve. Cheq dah lama tak jenguk ladang2 dan kedai akuarium. Tak tau apa jadi (sure kambing2 tu dah merayap pi ladang orang)