How to become a good and succesful medical students - A holistic approach by Prof Dr Muhaya

18 January, 2011

Just finished reading this wonderful book by Dr Muhaya. It is marvellous piece of work by our  local writer / educator. I finished reading these book during my working hours.  First time habiskan baca keseluruhan buku semasa waktu bekerja (kebetulan petang tak de lecture). I feel like reading this book as part of my work.  Thank you Dr. InsyaAllah I will share this info with my students.    

Bagi Mama walaupun tajuk buku menjurus kepada medical students tapi sebenarnya ia sesuai untuk semua pelajar dari mana-mana jurusan pengajian. You can purchase the ebook here or the printed version here.

CHAPTER 1: Have I Made the Correct Decision?
1. Have I chosen the correct field?
2. Can I be a doctor one day?
3. What sort of thinking is required to become a doctor?
4. What are the possible career options after graduation?

CHAPTER 2: Getting Ahead of Time
5. Can I study and lead a reasonable life at the same time?
6. How do I manage my time and plan an effective study schedule?
7. Should I involve myself in many co-curricular activities?

CHAPTER 3: Potential Traps for Meddical Students
8. What are the common problems for First Year medical students?
9. What are the common traps of studying?

CHAPTER 4: I Sure Love Those Lectures10. How do I get the maximum benefit from the lectures?
11. What do I do when the subject is really boring and I do not understand the lectures?

CHAPTER 5: Am I Doing It Right?
12. What are the effective study habits?
13. How do I study smart?
14. How to read quickly?
15. How do I overcome the frustration of studying difficult subjects?
16. How do I remember what I have studied?
17. Must I have a study group?

CHAPTER 6: Am I a Good Friend?
18. How do I deal with friends who are always depending on me for lecture notes?
19. How do I deal with friends who are always asking me to teach them?
20. How do I overcome envy of other people's achievements?

CHAPTER 7: Facing the Examinations
21. How can I pass all the examinations?
22. How do I prepare for MCQs?
23. How do I write a good essay?

CHAPTER 8: Can I Do it?24. How do I overcome inferiority complex?
25. What do I do if I lose the motivation to study?
26. How do I keep my interest in medicine going?
27. What do I do if I do not feel like following other people's advice and want to do things my own way?

CHAPTER 9: Can I Be a Good Clinician?
28. How do I clerk a case well?
29. How do I present well in case presentation?
30. How do I get the patients to cooperate with me during ward work and clinical examinations?
31. How do I make full use of my clinical sessions in the clinic?
32. How do I correlate the basic sciences to the clinical subjects?

CHAPTER 10: Assets of A Good Medical Student

1- Effective note taking
2- Paying attention in class
3- MURDER study system
4- Speed reading & comprehension
5- Effective reading & comprehension
6- Taking notes from a textbook
7- Flip card technique to enhance your memory of a subject
8- Ten tips for test taking
9- point to ponder


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