Apakah beza antara kasut prewalker dan kasut first walker?

27 September, 2012

During the beginning stages of walking - pre-walker (can also be called crib shoes) and first walker shoes are the types of shoes parents should look into.
Prewalker Disney at CasaBonda Mama and Kids
Prewalker Mothercare at CasaBonda Mama and Kids

A pre-walker shoe comes in very small sizes because these shoes are suitable for babies who don't walk. The shoe is very soft and is usually made out of very flexible material for the baby to breath and move in. Because the shoe is soft - it doesn't support the baby's foot when it comes to walking. These shoes are mainly for show and to show your baby's cuteness!

So when it comes to the actual walking - most invest in what is called first walker shoes. The soles on the shoes are harder and will support a baby's foot when walking. The sole is supposed to help absorb the shock when the foot hits the ground.

So, make sure you don't have your baby wear first walker shoes when he/she isn't even walking, and the other way around.

Choosing the right shoe can promote healthy walking and proper development of their feet!
Hope this helps with shoe shopping!

Credit to : http://www.momaroo.com

Notes : Right now first walker shoes is not available at my online shop . Berdasarkan pengalaman sebagai seorang ibu, nak beli kasut early walker yang bagus kita kena cuba sendiri kasut tersebut. Pakaikan pada anak dan berikan dia peluang untuk melangkah beberapa tapak.